Police and Crime Commissioners support campaign to tackle anti-social behaviour


Police and Crime Commissioners have joined Chief Constables to support a week-long campaign highlighting the impact of anti-social behaviour and what the police can do to tackle related crimes.

Sir Graham Bright, Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Commissioner said:

“Anti-social behaviour covers a wide range of unacceptable activities from nuisance neighbours and vandalism, to intimidation. It is a blight on many of our communities and can make victims lives a misery. Often they will be afraid to leave their homes and it wears victims down to the point where sometimes they feel they can’t go on and have nowhere to turn. By increasing community cohesion and building trust amongst local communities we can diminish the tendency for people to get involved in anti-social behaviour.

Police and Crime Commissioners have been closely following the progress of the anti-social behaviour, Crime and Policing Bill. We want the police to be given effective powers to tackle anti-social behaviour that provide better protection for victims. In particular, we welcome measures to tackle irresponsible dog ownership but more must be done to tackle dangerous breeds.

One of the key debates is how we divert young people away from committing anti-social behaviour. A small minority of children and young people commit anti-social behaviour so enforcement responses need to be proportionate and effective.

It is also important to have a multi-agency approach to tackling anti-social behaviour as the police are only one part of the solution. By working with local authorities, housing associations and other agencies we can effectively combat anti-social behaviour and empower victims and communities.”


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