Police to attend all home burglaries


Police chiefs' have today, Wednesday 5 October, announced that police will attend all home burglaries. 

In response to the announcement, APCC Chair Marc Jones, said:

“We welcome the decision taken by police chiefs which will see police attend all home burglaries.

“As police and crime commissioners, we have been engaged with all policing bodies on this issue as we know that burglary is an incredibly invasive crime. We know how important prioritising action in this area is to the public. 

“As part of this, we strongly support the view that the way in which crime is recorded must be reviewed. We must be transparent with the public and ensure the statistics reflect the true nature of crime occurring in our neighbourhoods.

“We also want to work with our partners to ensure that the role of our police service is made clear. The pressures on police forces, including from dealing with mental health issues, continues to have a profound impact on police resources, and this must be addressed if we are to ensure forces have the resources and ability to deliver on this commitment.

“PCCs will continue to hold forces to account, and we remain committed to investing in initiatives and schemes to prevent burglary and support victims in our local communities.”

More information about the NPCC announcement is available here. 



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