Victims Lead responds to Op Soteria report


APCC Joint Lead on Victims has responded to an independent report released by the Government on the first year of the policing aspects of Operation Soteria

Operation Soteria is a unique police and CPS programme to develop new operating models for the investigation and prosecution of rape in England and Wales by June 2023. 

Joint Lead for Victims and Police and Crime Commissioner for Hampshire, Donna Jones, said: “The report uncovers significant systemic issues with the way police respond to rape. Policing must do better to ensure victims have confidence to report incidents of rape and that when they do, they will be taken seriously. 

“It is vital that victims have confidence in the polices ability to take their report seriously, investigate thoroughly and that they receive adequate specialist support throughout the process. Without this, dangerous perpetrators will go unpunished and further victims’ lives will be destroyed by their heinous crimes.

“Whilst this report is shocking, it shows the vital importance and value of external scrutiny, and its release is a positive step towards achieving system-wide improvements and delivering transformational change. We acknowledge the openness with which the pathfinder forces have approached this process.

“As Police and Crime Commissioners we will continue to hold our Chiefs to account for their response to and investigation of rape and across England and Wales. PCCs will continue to invest in vital services to ensure victims are supported throughout the criminal justice process.

“There are big obstacles to overcome but Operation Soteria presents a crucial opportunity to transform the police response and give victims the best chance of justice. We look forward to the learnings from year one being taken forward.”

You can read the key findings and the full report here. 


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