Victims’ Services Budget – APCC Chair Response


Responding to the funding settlement for Police and Crime Commissioners for victims’ services in 2017/18, Dame Vera Baird QC, APCC Chair said:

“Police and Crime Commissioners will welcome the announcement that funding for victims’ services in 2017/18 will be maintained at about the same level as 2016/17. In addition, we support the decision to repeat the £4.7m child sexual abuse fund. However we regret the decision to fund victims’ services, once again, for only one year

“The ongoing work between PCCs and the Ministry of Justice on the potential for devolution of further victim responsibilities which are currently delivered by the MOJ will continue. However, we don’t believe that the future changes to the funding arrangement those changes would cause is sufficient a reason for preventing services being commissioned over a longer time frame.

“As it stands PCCs are often unable to commission victims’ services in the most effective way. As, importantly, service providers, including small charities in our force areas, who work hard to deliver services for some of the most vulnerable people in society, are unable to plan ahead and make the necessary strategic decisions.

“PCCs will continue to work closely with the Ministry of Justice, making the case for further integration of government contracted work and a longer-term funding settlement.”

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