Championing Equality & Diversity in Policing and Criminal Justice

While the APCC’s work on equality, diversity and human rights is led by a designated EDHR (Equalities, Diversity & Human Rights) portfolio, these are cross-cutting issues and we are committed to reflecting and considering in everything that we do. Currently, a working group is bringing together PCC leads from key portfolios to address the issues of racial disparity and disproportionality, including the development and implementation of an Action Plan.

Our priorities for EDHR include:                            

  • Working with our communities to ensure that policing becomes more representative of the communities that it serves.
  • Undertaking work to increase the number and diversity of applicants for chief officer positions.
  • Supporting and enabling PCCs to confidently apply and champion equality and diversity principles.
  • Developing and implementing an action plan and a tool kit to enable PCCs to address race disparity and disproportionality in policing and the criminal justice system.



Richard Denham - Policy and Political Group Manager

Leads on Equality, Diversity & Human Rights.

Richard also provides secretariat support to the Labour Police and Crime Commissioners’ Group.


Eddie Smithwick - Senior Policy Officer

Leads on Mental Health & Custody, Prevention, Emergency Services Collaboration and the Alcohol and Substance Misuse portfolio.



Andy Tremayne - Senior Policy Manager

Leads on Workforce Development, Citizens in Policing and Police Standards & Leadership. 



Ella Thomas - Senior Policy Manager

Ella leads on Victims and the Criminal Justice System


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Resources and Publications

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